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Georgia in the warm heart of the Caucasus

Why? !...For a very good reason: the Georgians are basically warm, friendly people, and for much of the year, Georgia is a warm inviting Since recorded time, Georgians have been famous for their hospitality to strangers. The visiting ancient Greeks knew Georgia as the land of the Golden Fleece.

It was a woman, St. Nino, who brought Christianity to Georgia in 330 A.D. Georgian wine has been produced for over 3,000 years and Georgian literature dates back to the fifth century A.D. Scholars have compared the 12th century Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli to Dante and Shakespeare.

Georgia is also believed to have the oldest spoken language with its own unique alphabet. It is an exquisitely beautiful country situated at junction of two continents:Europe and Asia, and it occupies around 70.000 square kilometers. Georgia’s northern boundary is formed by Caucasian Mountain Range and the western boundary is the Black Sea.

You can get to Georgia by road, rail, sea and air. From Europe, British Mediterranean Airways (flying under the flag of British Airways) will get you here, as will Swiss Air, Austrian Airways and a few more.

Legend of  Tbilis
The word Tbilisi derives from "tbili" meaning warm in Georgian.There are two versions of the following story; but this is the one that seems most credible. According to legend, Georgian King Vahtang Gorgasaly was falcon hunting in the area where he wanted to build a new capital. His falcon caught a bird, but dropped it.The bird was found later in a hot stream almost boiled and ready to be served for lunch.

Georgian WeatherThe weather in Georgia is generally Mediterranean, unless you're high in the Caucasus which are snow capped year round. It’s hot in the summer and it’s cool in winter.

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